Two times X-games Gold Medalist Corey Creed has released his X Games Real Moto part 2020. Alongside some of the worlds best, our FIST ARMY legend has fired up the field in the best way.

With X-games Real Moto being the only major competition to go ahead in 2020, the heat has well and truly been turned up by Creed and his team.

90 Seconds of free will and the most out of control edit of what Moto means to you, in collaboration with Allan Hardy, Hype Republic and some of the best creatives on offer, it is guaranteed to blow you away.

After months of work from the team, the video is finally live and ready to go up against some of the worlds best in this years real Moto competition.

“We built this part as a storyboard, action packed Hollywood movie trailer.”-  Corey Creed

“I want to blow people’s minds, I want to confuse people and i want to get them excited, and I reckon that’s what we’ve made here.” – Allan Hardy

Voting to take out the Fan Favourite title is live now on the Xgames website, so jump online and place your vote for Corey. The FIST team are super proud to be a part of this wild ride, and can’t wait for you all to watch this epic video and to get your votes in.


Images by Andy Jackman