Richo had a pretty nasty crash at the opening round of the Australian Supercross Championship in Brisbane on the weekend which you might have seen?

Unfortunately Jackson didn’t make the main event due to him stalling the motorcycle on his last chance to qualify but as always was able to maintain his sense of humour  🤘#smashforth 😂😂😂

Obviously Jackson was extremely bummed with the result but overall was really happy with his riding, especially after qualifying 4th earlier in the day.

Following the opening round Jackson has since had X-Rays on his right foot which was hurt during his crash. Jackson end up breaking all 5 toes on his right foot, the pinky toe being the most significant.

Despite the injury, Jackson will compete at Round 2 this weekend in Adelaide as his pain level is quite low when he is actually on the motorcycles which is a positive.


The bike (left), Deano’s instagram (right)