Nitro Circus Partners with FIST Handwear! | #FISTARMY


Nitro Circus X Fist Handwear

Nitro Circus has slowly but surely been selectively building partnerships with top gear brands that have been vetted and approved by their stable of serious athletes. It makes perfect sense: Amazing gear is half the fun when you’re an action sports junkie, and that’s true whether you’re a top pro or a weekend warrior. With that in mind, Nitro Circus has now officially partnered with Fist Handwear!

Fist Handwear has just launched two signature Nitro Circus gloves – The Nitro Circus Stars and Stripes plus the Nitro Circus Staple glove.

Join the #FISTARMY

Ryan Guettler Joins The #FISTARMY!


It is with great excitement we announce Ryan’s addition to the #FISTARMY. To have someone of Ryan’s profile and expertise both on and off the bike we feel is an amazing step in the right direction towards growing our company the right way, not to mention that he is a legendary bloke!

Ryan Guettler –

“I’m super pumped to be joining the Fist Handwear crew. I reached out to the owner Sam Moore about supporting a contest I was organizing and he got behind the event with extreme motivation and really stepped up to the plate when it came to products for the kids. After the event I took a pair of gloves to my next riding session and could not believe how good they fit and didn’t want to ever put my old ones back on. I got my roommate and friends to test them out with me and we all agreed they are the best gloves ever made”.

“I jumped online and wanted to buy a bunch more off Sam but he suggested we take it one step further and I join the already amazing BMX team. My head started spinning with ideas and now I’m fully committed to designing an amazing line of gloves for the next generation of BMX riders!! Good times ahead”.

Stay tuned for Ryan’s signature glove that is now in the works, check out the above video for a sneak peak.

THE WEBBIE SHOW 3 – Internet Destroyer | VIDEO



Watch Mark Webb come back from past crashes and injuries to produce TWS3!
Mark wanted this video to be purely about the riding. No expensive budgets, no fancy camera set ups with amazing locations. Mark wanted it to be 100% about the riding and that anything is possible at your local skatepark.

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Caroline Buchanan’s #SIX8series BMX Webisode ep:3 | VIDEO


Dive into Caroline Buchanan’s 2016 Journey to the big show through the 3rd stop of the BMX World Cup Olympic Qualifying race. See the BMX Australia High Performance Unit staff support. Her down time mental switch off practices, winning the time trial BMX World Championships in Colombia and her mindset, dreams & prep for the the biggest sporting event of 2016.

If you’ve missed the other two episodes jump onto Caroline’s Youtube channel and keep up to date!

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Robbie Maddison’s Massive Dirtbike Ski Jump | Red Bull BTS


Robbie Maddison has jumped some crazy stuff on his dirtbike, but sending it off a massive ski jump in Park City, Utah is on a whole other level. The crew met up with pro ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson for some advice, and ramp builder Matt McCaul shows what went into making the ski jump ready for a motorcycle.

Make sure you check out the new series “On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter” for some more of Robbie Maddison!

Tom Robinson ‘The Smiling Assassin’ | VIDEO


‘The Smiling Assassin’

“Can you help hook up my young FMX ripper Tommy Rob bro, I have already given him some gloves and he is going to be massive and he’s he nicest kid in the world” – A text message from Aussie FMX legend Justin “bushy” Bush.

That is the first I had heard of Tommy Robinson, one of the Fish Fingered FMX crew from NSW I knew two things immediately –

1 – That he was obviously going to be a total ripper of a bloke.
2 – That he would shred on a dirt bike.

Fast forward to F1 in Melbourne this year, watching practice I could hear a few industry people who were in early for the event talking “who’s the kid in the all black?!… I have got no idea but he is killing it!!”

I guess both of those scenarios really describes Tommy the best, he is honestly one of the nicest people I have ever met and he lets his riding do the talking.

It’s dudes like Tommy that make what we do so worthwhile seeing the #FISTARMY kill it on the world stage is still so surreal to me and that is exactly what Tommy has been doing having. Tommy also just competed at XFighters in Madrid, landing his new world first body aerial now called the “twist top”.

Big things are happening for Tommy and they couldn’t happen to a more deserving legend.

I guess you can call this clip a ‘Welcome to the team’ that is 2 years late but hey good things come to those who wait right?!
Special mention to Benny from Headstrong films for killing it with the edit!

Smash Forth Tommy and thank you for flying the #FISTARMY flag.


Building a Champion: #68 Caroline Buchanan


In less than a month BMX athletes from around the world will step onto the world’s largest stage in Rio and leave it all on the line in the hopes of securing the title of Olympic Champion.

Caroline Buchanan has spent the last 8 years training for this upcoming Rio games. After coming up short in London, she went on worldwide tour of Championships and wins. Now she’s back stronger than ever to claim what was hers 4 years ago.

Check out Caroline’s custom #68 Rio Olympic Fist Gloves! Stay tuned for more photos coming through social media shortly.
We can’t wait for her to kiss ass. Check out her social pipes below to keep up to date.