Tom Robinson ‘The Smiling Assassin’ | VIDEO

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‘The Smiling Assassin’

“Can you help hook up my young FMX ripper Tommy Rob bro, I have already given him some gloves and he is going to be massive and he’s he nicest kid in the world” – A text message from Aussie FMX legend Justin “bushy” Bush.

That is the first I had heard of Tommy Robinson, one of the Fish Fingered FMX crew from NSW I knew two things immediately –

1 – That he was obviously going to be a total ripper of a bloke.
2 – That he would shred on a dirt bike.

Fast forward to F1 in Melbourne this year, watching practice I could hear a few industry people who were in early for the event talking “who’s the kid in the all black?!… I have got no idea but he is killing it!!”

I guess both of those scenarios really describes Tommy the best, he is honestly one of the nicest people I have ever met and he lets his riding do the talking.

It’s dudes like Tommy that make what we do so worthwhile seeing the #FISTARMY kill it on the world stage is still so surreal to me and that is exactly what Tommy has been doing having. Tommy also just competed at XFighters in Madrid, landing his new world first body aerial now called the “twist top”.

Big things are happening for Tommy and they couldn’t happen to a more deserving legend.

I guess you can call this clip a ‘Welcome to the team’ that is 2 years late but hey good things come to those who wait right?!
Special mention to Benny from Headstrong films for killing it with the edit!

Smash Forth Tommy and thank you for flying the #FISTARMY flag.


Building a Champion: #68 Caroline Buchanan

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In less than a month BMX athletes from around the world will step onto the world’s largest stage in Rio and leave it all on the line in the hopes of securing the title of Olympic Champion.

Caroline Buchanan has spent the last 8 years training for this upcoming Rio games. After coming up short in London, she went on worldwide tour of Championships and wins. Now she’s back stronger than ever to claim what was hers 4 years ago.

Check out Caroline’s custom #68 Rio Olympic Fist Gloves! Stay tuned for more photos coming through social media shortly.
We can’t wait for her to kiss ass. Check out her social pipes below to keep up to date.



FIST Grips X Games 2016

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This time every year we are treated to a weekend of seeing the world best action sports athletes compete on the world stage in what is referred to as the Olympics of action sports the XGames.

When I started this little glove company I dreamed of seeing it on the big stage in the XGames on the other side of the world in the USA, it always seemed so far away from Tasmania, Australia and sort of unreachable but to see the athletes we support not only competing but absolutely killing it is crazy to me and I am lucky to have these guys in our corner. 4 Xgames medals for the #FISTARMY in 2016 so stoked! – sam88moore (FIST HQ)

FIST Results

Kyle Baldock – #FISTARMY
1Dennis Enarson41.0029.0014.0070.00
2Logan Martin – #FISTARMY32.0029.0032.0064.00
3Kyle Baldock – #FISTARMY24.0029.0034.0063.00
4Drew Bezanson23.0038.0020.0061.00
5Ryan Nyquist26.0031.0017.0057.00
1Kevin Peraza41.0047.0040.0088.00
2Ben Wallace38.0032.0043.0081.00
3James Foster – #FISTARMY32.0032.0041.0073.00
4Pat Casey29.008.0042.0071.00
5Mike Clark34.0027.0069.00
6Chris Doyle40.0028.0010.0068.00
7Kyle Baldock – #FISTARMY45.0020.0017.0065.00
8Leandro Moreira11.0022.0041.0063.00
9Ryan Nyquist42.0019.0061.00
10Cory Nastazio27.0017.0031.0058.00
1Jackson Strong – #FISTARMY94.0094.00
2Josh Sheehan89.6680.3389.66
3Clinton Moore89.0089.3389.33
4Taka Higashino – #FISTARMY88.6687.0088.66
5Rob Adelberg87.3386.0087.33
6Tom Pages40.0084.0084.00
7Rich Kearns83.6684.0084.00
8Blake Williams82.3383.3383.33
9Harry Bink69.6669.66

Photo credit: NICK EVENNOU

Luke Clout Joins The #FISTARMY

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The #FISTARMY are proud to welcome Luke Clout.

Luke has recently made the move to race the AMA Supercross and Outdoors series in the USA, based out of Temecula California Luke is racing for the MAD Racing/Dirt Candy Suzuki team. “FIST was looking for a racer in the USA and Luke becoming available was awesome as he fits right in with all the rest of us animals over at FIST. “We are so stoked to be able to support an up and coming Aussie in the US series and we look forward to coming up in the US market with Luke” –  sam88moore (FIST HQ).

Be sure to check out Luke’s social pipes –


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Caroline Buchanan 2016 BMX World Championship | #FISTARMY

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Counting down the days to the Olympic games Caroline Buchanan has just claimed the elite women’s time trial world title and placed second in the main event at the UCI BMX World Championships!

The world championships have been a key Olympic selection chance for the Aussies and with a time trial world title and a second place to her name, Buchanan is now front and centre for a ticket to the Olympic Games in Rio.

We’re so proud of Caroline’s achievements leading up to the Olympic games, can’t wait to cheer her on in Rio! Be sure to check out her video above taking out the Elite woman’s time trial, man that track looks gnarly.


Robbie Maddison Back On The Horse! | VIDEO

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We are stoked to see Robbie back on a dirt bike! After being off his bike for months due to invasive knee surgery, Robbie gets the chance to hit the track with his little boys and catch some air.

Stay tuned for more from Robbie Maddison soon. #FISTARMY

Robbie Maddison Rehab Progress | #FISTARMY

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Robbie Maddison begins training after an invasive knee operation.

After surgery on Robbie’s left knee 6 months ago he’s now back to training taking Robbie Maddison to the next level and doing things that have never been done before!
We thought riding a wave on a dirt bike was already insane next level stuff so can’t wait to see what’s install next. #FISTARMY


Taka Higashino – Cali Rollin’ in Cali | #FISTARMY

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Whilst out in Cali earlier this year I was lucky enough to tee up a morning session with Taka Higashino to shoot some photo & video content.

We were blessed with prime FMX conditions, not a breath of wind insight and the sun was out in force for the morning session at Ronnie Faisst’s compound in Murrieta. Taka is a mad man and it was really cool to see how he rides a session, each rider is different in the way they tackle their daily sessions. It’s almost an art in how each rider achieves trick perfection.

Taka sure didn’t hold back, throwing huge tricks one after another, smooth and extended every time! With the conditions being perfect we were really able to make the most of the opportunity and gathered a bunch of real quality photo and video content.

It’s not everyday you get to shoot one of the best Freestyle riders in the world, especially one as cool and down to earth as Taka, his broken English is bad ass and makes for a good laugh! It was a pleasure shooting whilst out in Cali, definitely a highlight of the trip!

Speak soon! BT


Caroline Buchanan Wins Round 2 in Manchester!

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Rio Olympic hopeful Caroline Buchanan has won the second round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup, her second consecutive victory for the 2016 series and third on the trot in Manchester, the win coinciding with the naming of the Australian BMX world championships team.

Here at FIST we’re super proud of Caroline’s achievements! You can check out her signature gloves HERE.

Matt Phillips | Transmoto Exclusive Interview

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Never one to beat around the bush, Australia’s Matt Phillips offers a candid insight into his new Sherco deal and the prospect of winning a third world enduro title.

Since his debut in the Enduro World Championship (EWC) in 2013 at the tender age of 19, Matt Phillips has won two world titles and came very close to winning a third in 2015. That makes him Australia’s most successful enduro pilot in the past decade, and one of this country’s most successful motorcycle exports of all time. And he’s still just 22 years of age.

Late last year, in a move that shocked many, Matt Phillips turned his back on the powerhouse Factory KTM Enduro team, and signed with the Italian guys he worked with in 2013 for his maiden EWC title. As we announced a few months ago, the young Aussie will race a Sherco 450 in the 2016 EWC – now re-branded as the “EnduroGP” – with Fabrizio Azzalin’s CH Racing outfit.


Jump onto the Transmoto page to view the full interview with Matt HERE.

We’re super pumped to watch Matt wax everyone in the world enduro this year!